Vexations for a Flag Pole - Sky Music

Lauren Sudbrink

October 26, 2019

“Vexations for a Flag Pole – Sky Music” is a participatory ceremony derived from Lauren Sudbrink’s ongoing project entitled “840 Variations on Vexations,” an expansion on Erik Satie’s 19th century composition “Vexations.” “840 Variations on Vexations” is Sudbrink’s annotated list of 840 potential projects ranging from objects, events, happenings, performances, sounds, new music and recordings. Through these projects she presents conceptual and poetic responses to duration, endurance, labor, and artistic interpretation. The aim of this (eventual) publication is to provide possibilities and inspirations for artists and musicians considering their roles in labor and the re-inscription of the creative process. Please join us for the inaugural performance of “Vexations for Flag Signals,” the raising of the Vexations Flag for “Sky Music” and an assortment of other interactive activities from her list.