Yesenia Bello

Feelings About My Feelings

April 26, 2020

Feelings About My Feelings is a project by Yesenia Bello for North Pole Exhibitions in which she provides a space for collective brainstorming and venting and then whispers submissions aloud into an amplified clay vessel. It includes a burial. It includes a very thin and long flag. It includes people seeing the message “I have feelings about my feelings” when they go on their self distanced walks in rogers park. It is heavily inspired by that one scene in Crossroads starring Britney Spears where childhood friends dig up a box full of old junk (IHO) but nevertheless feel urged to go on a wild ride together full of adventure. It is even more heavily inspired by a whale. 

Follow this link to view Yesenia's flag raising. Follow this link to view Yesenia's performance of whispering submissions into the speaking vessel.